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Popular technology trends in packaging industry for 2021

Packaging was originally conceptualised and designed to enclose a product in an effort to protect it during transportation and storage. The process of packaging, thus, was involved in designing and manufacturing with appropriate technology where the effort was to package at the lowest price.

What is braille embossing and how it is impacting the Printing and Packaging Industry?

A latest survey from Word Health Organization (WHO) estimates that there is a total of 300 million visually impaired people across the world. People who are visually impaired have a hard time in reading the information and instructions on CPG and pharmaceutical packaging.

UV Printing – An Emerging Technology in Packaging and Printing Industry

As the technology standards continue to advance at a rapid pace, many of us assume that the printing world has been left way behind, especially with the rise of social media. But still printing has a long way to go as technology is fueling it and not letting this industry to sit pretty.

Printing Services – Spreading Its Wings In Gurgaon.

Current printing industry is far more advance than what it used to be few years ago. This industry has come up far ahead and is extending its domain in almost every big and

Post Press Activities In Printing Press Industries

Printing process involves a lot of steps and every step has its significance. There are a lot to do even when actual printing is over, like cutting, folding, assembling and binding. But

What Are The Essentials Of Pre Press Phase?

Pre press is a phase which builds up the foundation of good printing work. Hence, it is a very crucial phase which is needed to be taken on serious notes; else you may miss the

Printing Press – Get Through The Challenges!

In last few decades, printing press industry has gone through a tremendous face lift and is expected to develop a lot more in upcoming years. Since mid of the 19th century, printing

Growth Of Printing And Packaging Companies In Gurgaon

In last few years Gurgaon has came up as a commercial hub and a favorable place for all industries to set up their business including manufacturing industries. Many manufacturing

Things To Know Before You Approach Commercial Printing Solutions

When you are looking for a commercial printing solution for your product packaging, it is vital that you are aware of each and every aspect that might let down your expectations.

Things Your Printing Press Company Must Know

If you have found the best printing press company for your project, the next things that you need to do is conveying the details of your project and the requirements. If you fail to

Why Choosing Industry Standard Printing Press In Gurgaon Matters

Gurgaon is a freshly emerging as a promising area for industries of different domain. Both product based and service based companies are flourishing in this area and doing well

How To Cut The Cost While Availing Printing Solutions

Not every company or business can afford expensive printing solutions for the sake of word-class quality printing. Fortunately, there are ways to cut down its price. Various printing

Role Of A Customer In Offset Prepress Printing

Mostly, when you think of printing any colored image you just give your data to the printer and expect a marvelous print. However, results aren’t always as exciting as you expect. This is

Why Choosing Right Printing Solutions Matters

It all starts well, you are getting ready to promote your business services and send a lovely brochure sample to your printer right on time. Then the day comes when you get back

How Quality Of Pharmaceutical Printing Influences Doctor’s Recommendation

Believe it or not, but the quality of printing directly influences the doctor’s recommendation for the particular medicine. Printing quality of any pharma package

Why Choosing Right Black Color Is Important In Printing Press

In general terms black means black, but when it comes to printing press black has many varieties. It has been broken into two major terms – plain black and full/rich black. Plain

How To Select Paper For Commercial Printing

In commercial printing selection of paper is very crucial because it determines the quality of printing. This is exactly why good printers are over cautious while finalizing the paper

How To Choose Material For Pharmaceutical Packaging

Effectiveness of pharmaceuticals largely depends on the quality of their packaging. This is the reason why pharmaceutical companies are extra cautious while choosing material for

How To Tell Your Requirements To Packaging And Labeling Company

People often complain about packaging & labeling company for not providing the industry standard level of service.

Aspects Of Pharmaceutical Packaging

The most unavoidable fact is – packaging of pharmaceutical products is a very different as well as more crucial than any product in the market.

What Is Varnishing And Why It Is A Popular Printing Solution

Varnishing is a method to coat a printed surface with varnish to obtain matte, satin, neutral, or clear glossy finishing. Varnishing is done only after printing work is completed.

Top Three Techniques For Printing & Packaging

These days commercial products come in very attractive packs – vibrant colors, fine images and surprising textures make the product pack just irresistible to buy.

Thermography, A Cheaper Alternative To Engraving

Engraving has been a very popular printing solution, until thermography hit the market. The ability of engraving technique to produce raised image on any surface was a revolution

Significance Of Pharma Printing And Its Challenges

If you are into manufacturing of goods, you must be aware that how important it is to have a quality printing on product packaging. A good packaging with clear and legible texts is a

Things You Must Know About Your Prospective Printer

If you are planning to get a good printer for your vital project then make sure you do it with patience and never hesitate to consume your own time. After all you cannot risk your