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Thermography, A Cheaper Alternative To Engraving

Engraving has been a very popular printing solution, until thermography hit the market. The ability of engraving technique to produce raised image on any surface was a revolution in the printing world. It was extremely in demand, because of its expensive and professional look, but practically very fewer could afford it as the process was lengthy, hectic and required high precision. However with the introduction of thermographic printing solutions, many people’s thirst of having engraved business collaterals is now possible to quench.

Thermography can produce raised printing exactly as engraving, but because it uses different process to attain the effect, the cost gets cheaper. In this process a special kind of powder is included in the ink to use used for printing. In next step, printed items are heated to dry the powder and ink mixture. Ultimately, a raised effect on the paper is obtained.

However, cheaper rate is not the only reason what made it a popular alternative. Its visual appeal, color brightness, fast turnaround, durability and laser printer safe are few of the major features which are constantly drawing people’s interest.

If you compare thermography with engraving you might not find thermographically printed image as sharp as the engraved one. Also, the texture of the thermographic printing will usually have glossy effect, whereas engraved prints will have matte-finish painted on paper and a little gloss only in the case of metallic inks. Still it is a good option if you really don’t care much about the precision and want to save some bucks. This is an ideal printing solution for wedding cards, business cards, brochures, annual reports, announcements and personal stationary.

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