From the pre-press, to press, to post-press, we offer comprehensive solutions for the printing and packaging of products.

Post Press - Finishing Options

Ensuring the best-in-class printing and packaging solutions for you!
UV Printing

Equipped with UV inks and conventional oil-based inks. At Grand Prints we offer conventional offset printing solutions that use solvent inks.

UV Printing and
Conventional Printing
Braille Embossing

At Grand Prints, we maintain high-quality standards by embossing braille characters with equal and consistent height on every carton accessible to the blinds.

Gold Metalized Foiling

At Grand Prints, we use the Heidelberg machine for Foil Stamping to get a realistic metallic finish, which gives a stunning visual effect to the cartons.

Metalized Foiling
Hybrid/Texture Finish

Not bragging but, we offer the best-in-class hybrid printing and packaging solutions at affordable prices for shorter print runs, quicker lead times, and reduced pricing pressures.

Texture Finish
Met Pet Printing (LED)

Doesn’t fade away with time! Offers unique packaging, 3D effects with embossing, superior tensile strength, and more.

Met Pet
Printing (LED)
Security Printing

Grand Prints’s specially developed inks and papers prevent forgery, tampering, or counterfeiting of security documents like passwords, ID cards, or tax stamps.

Special Pantone Colour Printing

Special Pantone colors, the conventional CMYK 4-color and 6-color hexachromatic processes at Grand Prints meet your luxury packaging needs.

Special Pantone
Colour Printing

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