Why choose the Gold Metallized Foiling?

Here’s why you must consider gold metalized foiling

  • Imparts a premium and luxurious perspective, contributing to a premium brand image.
  • The reflective nature enhances visibility and draws attention.
  • The foiling process contributes to the durability of printed materials.


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Printing box Packaging
Printing box Packaging

Luxury + durability

Looking for enhanced visual appeal and differentiation in the printing and packaging industry.
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The traditional printing methods sometimes fell short of delivering the desired level of sophistication.

Grand Prints sought innovative ways to make their products stand out on shelves and conveying a sense of luxury with durability for brands aiming to create a lasting impression on consumers.

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What is foil stamping in printing and packaging?

Foil stamping is a process where foil is applied to materials under heat and pressure for an aesthetic finish.

What finishes are available for foil rolls?

Foil rolls commonly come in glossy and matte finishes, enhancing the visual appeal of printed designs.

Can foil stamping be done in colors other than gold or silver?

Yes, foil stamping can be done in various colors, not limited to metallic shades like gold or silver.

How does foil stamping work in the printing and packaging process?

Plates are designed for each foil color, heated dies are applied under pressure to seal packaging material or foil paper, creating exclusive printed designs.

What types of foil are commonly used in foil stamping?

Metallic foil, pigment foil, holographic foil, pearl foil, scratch-off foil, and effects foil are common types used for different visual effects.

What is metallic foil, and why is it popular in foil stamping?

Metallic foil, also called metalized foil, provides a shiny metal-style finish, adding a touch of classic and luxury, especially in gold or silver.

What is pigment foil, and how does it differ from metallic foil?

Pigment foil offers a wide array of colors with a glossy or matte finish, providing an eye-catching look without a metallic appearance.

What is holographic foil, and where is it commonly seen?

Holographic foil creates a 3D rainbow effect and is commonly used in items like trading cards, baseball cards, and promotional materials.

What are the different types of copperplate paper used in packaging?

White copperplate paper, blue & white single-sided copperplate paper, grey-bottom copperplate paper, and blue and white double-sided copperplate paper.

How is white copperplate paper useful for high-quality cartons?

White copperplate paper enhances the surface, making it more white, glossy, and smooth, suitable for producing superior quality paper boxes.

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