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Things Your Printing Press Company Must Know

If you have found the best printing press company for your project, the next things that you need to do is conveying the details of your project and the requirements. If you fail to communicate the right message to your printer it is difficult to attain the requirements even by the best printing company. Hence, it is important that you make your ideas and requirements clear to your prospective printer. While conversing, make sure that you provide following details to your printing press company:

  • Project name with the dimensions and the number of pages. 
  • Number of colors, spot and type of process for the process to be used in the printed image or text.
  • Quantity of the required pieces.
  • Type of paper that includes texture, color, thickness and weight as per your project requirement.
  • Raw information and data such as soft copies of documents or pasted up documents to be printed.
  • Your budget or the range of expenses you can afford.
  • Stipulated time frame to complete the project. 

Providing these details will help your printer decide the most appropriate plan for you and your project. It will be easier for him to figure out the right specification for printing referring the type and requirements of your project. Also, you will be able to determine the actual budget and if required you can ask for some more inexpensive option that can curb your budget limit yet do not affect the quality you have been expected. 

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