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Printing Press – Get Through The Challenges!

In last few decades, printing press industry has gone through a tremendous face lift and is expected to develop a lot more in upcoming years. Since mid of the 19th century, printing press has achieved a milestone in the advancement. Digital imaging, large-format offset printing, desktop publishing, ink jet printing, etc., are some of the common achievements in press industry. Although, all these advancements have enlarged the scope for perfection in printing press, but have also brought challenges with them.

One of them is the capital expenditure required to stay ahead of the competition. No doubt, the advent of computer technologies and laser beams to create print-ready graphics has created turmoil in the printing press industry and seem fascinating, but takes quite a large capital to invest. A small print shop has a gross value of $250,000 annually and if it is merged with a computer-to-plate (CTP) system it may add another $100,000 to the capital, leading to the financial burden.

If you consider the traditional ways of printing, like cameras, stripping, negatives and plate burning, they can accomplish the job as you are expecting, but the difference is the time taken to complete the project. Whereas the modern approach will cut the hours from the production time and will help you win the heart of your customers on delivery. When you are competing to win the race, you must consider the fact that delivering the project on time will prove your dedication towards your work, but providing the project before time will exhibit your overwhelming performance and efficiency.

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