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Things To Know Before You Approach Commercial Printing Solutions

When you are looking for a commercial printing solution for your product packaging, it is vital that you are aware of each and every aspect that might let down your expectations. You may be allured by several printing companies promising to provide photo quality printing, but not all of them are as reliable as they pretend to be. They try to fool you not because they are too smart, but probably because you lack the knowledge about emerging photo quality commercial printing. To understand photo quality printing you don’t need to sit in a training class or spend days in library. You simply need to know few things.

The photo quality printing is essentially the reproduction of actual images, where the resolution of photo is enhanced to sharpen the edges of image. This is a type of digital printing solutions but all digital printing solutions are not photo quality printing. Usually, printing for photo quality is done with the resolution of 2400 dpi or higher. Real 2400 dpi print provides the sharpest and the highest quality image. But, there are just fewer companies which provide this service.

Sadly, many vendors fake photo quality by enhancing 1200 dpi software to make the produced image look like 2400 dpi printing. But, don’t get fooled by such vendors. Ask vendors for their customer list to check work and get their feedback if needed. Before you rely on them compare the difference between hard copy proof and the soft copy proof. If you want, you can talk to photo quality printing press manufacturers and get a list of potential vendors.

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