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How To Select Paper For Commercial Printing

In commercial printing selection of paper is very crucial because it determines the quality of printing. This is exactly why good printers are over cautious while finalizing the paper type. Here are some tips to choose right paper for commercial printing:


Finishing of the final print product depends on the type of requirements raised by the client. Some clients demand for gloss, whereas some need a matte finish. For instance, if brightly colored and crisp image or photographic reproduction is required, a coated gloss, matte or silk sheet will suit the job. So first determine what kind of finishing your project needs, accordingly make your choice.


We know, all papers for printing press come in white color. Wrong, it is not just white, it can be blue-white, balanced white, natural white, soft white and many more. All the colors differ in the type of brightness they emit. Therefore the choice of paper color depends on the kind of your work. For example, warmer whites have a lower-brightness and so are more comfortable on the eyes for reading or extended viewing.


Weight is another issue when it comes to shipping or posting of printed products. If the pages weight high together, it might be impossible to carry them to long distances in a bulk and may increase the carriage cost. Preferring lighter weight is always beneficial. However, for letter heads or greeting cards paper needs to be thick which will increase its weight.

Right paper for commercial printing press not only yield good result, but also make clients happy and satisfied with the services, leaving them impressed and incited to come back again.

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