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Post Press Activities In Printing Press Industries

Printing process involves a lot of steps and every step has its significance. There are a lot to do even when actual printing is over, like cutting, folding, assembling and binding. But that doesn’t mean that all printed items are subjected to these processes. For an instance, advertising pamphlets do not need binding. Although, these were some of the basic traditional post press activities, but are essential to complete printing job.

Some of the additional post press finishing processes involve varnishing, drilling, perforating, etc. These are basically lesser processes that are required to finish the product. Considering paper based products like greeting cards need to be dusted with gold bronze. This is also a part of post press. Similarly, printed metal products like toys need to be formed into containers of various shapes and sizes.

Often, containers for food products are coated on the inside to protect the food item from contamination. Other activities subjected to the post press processes involve mounting, pasting, collating and laminating. Few of the other post press operations that are unique to screen printing involve vacuum forming, embossing and die cutting.

Usually, the use of chemicals is uncommon in post press operations. The chemicals are used only as adhesives in binding and in some assembly operations. Post press operation is vast and involves a lot of activities. It varies with the product and the type of finishing required by the customers. Hence, it is difficult to specify all the activities being carried out in the post press phase.

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