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In product manufacturing industry, packaging plays an integral role. No matter what is being manufactured, packaging always come into the frame. The advancement in technology and growing competition among the manufacturers has made it is really important for them to present the product in an appealing way.

A good box of product always woos a customer. Several companies have started providing a wide range of cartons and boxes such as corrugated boxes including full overlap cartons, inner cartons, die cut boxes, master cartons, jumbo cartons, shipping cartons, interlocking boxes, duplex boxes etc. in wide range of shapes and sizes.

Cartons are innovative packaging solutions that have been adopted by different industries including cosmetic, FMCG, healthcare, pharmaceutical etc. Grand Prints is the leading manufacturer of wide range of cartons including Braille cartons, Litho-laminated cartons, clamshell cartons and folding cartons. We offer custom carton printing and packaging solutions to different industries.

The safety of material stored in the carton is important aspect difficult to ignore. If the product is fragile such as beauty or pharmaceutical products, interlocking boxes are the best solution. For carrying lightweight and non-fragile material, glue-styled cartons are a good option.

On customer’s standpoint, the packaging of the product determines its quality. Also, the carton quality and visual appeal should be stunning. Making a product packaging attractive is just not enough, there are several other aspects that must be looked such as dimension, safety, size and other requirements. Also, the authenticity of product should be maintained while packaging. There should be no tampering or counterfeiting.

There are thousands of packaging and labeling companies in the market, but the honestly and swift delivery in strict deadlines makes Grand Prints different from all of them. We offer customized packaging solutions to companies in different verticals that are searching for right carton packaging and labeling company.


We offer different types of cartons in different shape and sizes such as folding cartons, litho-laminated cartons, braille cartons, master cartons, die-cut boxes, inner cartons, full overlap cartons, duplex boxes, clamshell & tray cartons etc.

We cater to most of the industries ranging from pharmaceuticals to healthcare, FMCG, cosmetics, liquor and many others.

We produce cartons based on the customer requirements. For example – Glue-styled cartons can easily carry lightweight and non-fragile material. Similarly, for beauty and pharmaceutical products, we prefer using interlocking boxes.

Being an inhouse manufacturing unit, we provide cartons in differed shapes and sizes and for different purposes. We meet the customers’ requirement adhering to strict quality standards.

We offer the fastest turnaround time when it comes to carton packaging. We are swift and can handle complex orders with quick turnaround time efficiently.

The amount charged for carton packaging depends upon the size of order. Apart from this, the shape & size of carton also influence the price of your order.