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Approximately, 90% of companies offer hybrid printing solutions for conventional cartons, but we at Grand Prints are capable of doing hybrid printing on both met pet cartons and conventional cartons using the industry recognised Heidelberg Speedmaster printing machine incorporated in-house.

Hybrid Printing also known as texture coating or 3-D coating is one of the most advanced forms of printing that when combined with flexographic stations makes it possible to handle the complex processes with ease. Moreover, hybrid printing can be cost effective for you in long run as flexographic spot colors and metallic vanishes are used.

Hybrid printing leverages drip-off coating to achieve matt glossy finish. Matt is applied to selected areas as first layer while gloss finishing is applied as second layer. This gives a 3-D texture to the cartons. It finds its applications in different industries from cosmetics to FMCG to consumer durables/electronics.

Grand Prints offers commercial hybrid printing solutions as well meeting the individual needs of every client. We have a skilled and experienced staff capable enough to handle the state-of-the-art machinery and complex tasks with ease.

One can clearly witness the drip-off coating effects when a hologram, label or carton is printed using hybrid printing technique. The matt/glossy finishing is clearly visible appealing to the buyer’s eyes. Also, if the finished products are more in number, the final cost of printing can be reduced drastically. The products packaging printed using hybrid printing technique boosts the chances of sales impressively.


The first step of hybrid printing involves applying matt on selected areas of the carton box. You can choose from conventional carton or met pet carton, as per your choice.


After you have applied matt to specific areas, it’s the time to apply gloss to the carton through the process of flooding. It gives a 3-D touch to your carton.


Once you have applied the two coats of matt and gloss to the carton, it’s the time to give it a final touch. Apply varnishes to make it shiny and glossier.

Hybrid Printing


Yes, they are the synonyms of each other.

Hybrid Printing process uses flexographic spot colors and metallic vanishes.

Drip-off coating is an eye-catchy matt/gloss finish applied to a product in single process with just one coating. It gives a 3-D texture to the product.

Some of the benefits like increased productivity, reduction in cost of printing and less prepress time can be achieved with Hybrid Printing technique.

Hybrid Printing finds its applications in different industries ranging from FMCG to consumer durables to cosmetics.

The time taken to complete an order depends upon the order size. It hardly takes us a few days to complete the order.

The amount charged for Hybrid Printing depends upon the size of order. Apart from this, the shape and size of box also influence the price of your order.