Met Pet LED Printing

Businesses are looking at value-added propositions to their customer communication and when blended with digital technologies, print becomes a robust multi-channel marketing and communications tool. This is where Grand Prints comes to your rescue by offering customized Met Pet printing solutions to its clientele.

Printing has become a robust multi-channel marketing tool when blended with technology. We at Grand Prints use metalized polyester films coated with a thin layer of film. The biggest advantage of Met Pet printing is it will not fade over the time. Moreover, it offers unique packaging, 3D effect with embossing, instantaneous drying time with UV light exposure, strong adhesiveness after lamination, superior tensile strength and chemical resistance.

We offer extensive service when it comes to customized met pet lamination and printing. Custom product labels can serve the purpose of branding and help you market your product in a better way. The packaging must be customized revealing your brand identity.

Met pet packaging and printing finds its application in different verticals including:


Pharmaceutical companies are generating more business for the printing industry. Metpet printing can help the pharma companies to reduce the risk associated with fading of important markers from the packaging. The material used for metalized polyester printing has a shiny finish and the ink used doesn’t fade away with time. Learn more about the Met Pet Printing Process here.


We use latest technology to print boxes having different sizes and shapes depending on the ever changing requirements of our clients. The boxes printed using met pet printing (also called met pet cartons) have a shiny finish and have got high tensile strength and chemical resistance.


The life of boxes printed using met pet printing is much longer than those printed using offset printing. The coating doesn’t fade with time and is shiny too. The cosmetic packaging can appeal to the eyes of buyer when blended with vibrant graphics featuring metallic effects, creating a brand identity.


The perfume boxes can be printed using met pet technology to give them an attractive look that can create a visual effect to the buyer. Moreover, these boxes look shiny and have a longer shelf life. The packaging will also have a strong adhesiveness after met pet lamination.

Liquor Industry

The liquor industry can leverage met pet packaging and printing solutions offered by Grand Prints and use shiny boxes as a packaging for the liquor bottles. The stickers on the liquor bottles can be printed using met pet technology giving a royal look to the bottles.

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